Twins – A Rare Phenomenon?

Introduction - Extract

Eight years ago I, Alfred, professionally encountered a client for the first time who had lost a twin inside the womb. Up to that moment I could not imagine that the loss of a twin during pregnancy would have an important significance for certain people. Theoretically I thought it possible that in a very low number of pregnancies there could have been two embryos at the same time of which one had gone.

But it was inconceivable for me to comprehend that this happens quite regularly and that it could have serious repercussions on the life of the other “former” twin who was born alone. If someone else had talked to me about this phenomenon before my discoveries, I would have been inclined to discard it as “esoteric rubbish”. But life is a good teacher. In cases where other methods and images did not improve my clients’ situation, the rediscovery of a vanished twin has brought about a fundamental resolution of their questions and problems.

Before I came across the "vanished" twin, I had already been quite interested in the time inside the womb. Held by trustworthy partners in warm water, I had first hand experience of deep prenatal regressions. Later on I performed them for my clients. Being totally relaxed in warm water gives rise to some involuntary movements that can be interpreted as those of a twin playing with his sibling. Before my discovery of the vanishing twin syndrome, however, I observed these movements without understanding them.

Shortly afterwards I met my wife Bettina and together we started to observe and research the phenomenon in more detail. Bettina’s relationship with her own identical twin sister has provided us with an invaluable background on which to base our twin-related client work.

Our observations were often quite similar and we were surprised to learn how frequently we encountered vanished twins in our daily practice. We gathered research material, session protocols and client letters and decided to turn them into an informative book.

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