Welcome to the Königsweg Verlag Berlin

We have been working as therapists for many years. Trained extensively in body and Gestalt therapy as well as in family constellations and psychodrama, Alfred and Bettina have been able to assist clients for twenty and eight years respectively.

The theme of the vanished and surviving twin, ignored until recently by psychological research, has preoccupied us since 1998. Our work has shown us how much inexplicable pain and how many relationship problems arise from the loss of a twin.

We have encountered many people who asked us the following desperate questions:

"What is wrong with me? Why do I fell so weak?"

"Why am I do not have luck with my relationships?"

"Why can't I have professional success?"

We have met people who were constantly searching for something inexplicable: people who had several times gone on a journey around the globe; people who had tried all kinds of different therapies without much success; people who had sought spiritual enlightenment; people with pets who could not get over the death of their beloved animal for many years.

These are just a few examples. In hindsight, based on our knowledge of the vanishing twin syndrome, we have a better understanding of this desperate and often unconscious search for the other.