Repetitive bad luck and professional failure

"Whatever I do goes wrong."

This is Jacqueline's basic belief and it has had a very negative impact on her professional career. She started an apprenticeship as a baker and developed a dust allergy.

Then she retrained to work in an office, but the sedentary activities gave her such painful backaches that she had to give up this job as well. Her suffering continued. She tried to work as a florist and developed a pollen allergy. Now she is unemployed.

When she came to see me, she wanted to know what was behind her body’s defence mechanism. We discovered a lost twin. Then she told me that her ovaries had become infected when she was seventeen and that they had to be removed by surgery. Their tissue revealed hair, dental tissue and bones, which were the remains of her deceased twin. Until then she had been unaware of these connections.

All the same she is feeling better now, because she imagines the soul of her lost twin besides her.

Our already mentioned client Monique is not only plagued by relationship problems and disgust for her partners, she also tends to fail professionally. Allergies and inflammations of her tendons have prevented her from having a fulfilling job experience.

Like many other half twins she does not dare to stand with both feet firmly on the ground. This is due to guilt feelings and bad luck.

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