Relationships: Twins love differently

A twin brother or sister is often more important for living twins than their partner. The psychological bond between twins has often been the focus of research. When twins lose a twin sister or a twin brother after birth or in adult life, they experience this as a terrible disaster. The grief for the other is often endless.

We have observed the same phenomenon in people who have lost a twin inside the womb. Relationships are often marked by the loss of a twin. One person in ten has had a twin and is often looking for a different kind of proximity and a different kind of togetherness with their partner than people who were conceived and born alone.

Examples, described in our book:

  • If there is no other, he cannot be missed
  • Some half twins look for deep proximity in relationships, they want to fuse
  • Some half twins avoid deep proximity and relationships, they want to run away
  • Everybody has distinct relationship needs
  • At last I have found the right woman
  • The desperate search for proximity
  • When a separation does not succeed
  • When only one partner desires the other
  • Not with you and not without you
  • Twelve years without a partner
  • A love triangle

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