Psychosomatic repercussions


Some surviving twins have complained about inexplicable vertigo that was not due to an impairment of their sense of balance. These attacks seemed to come out of nowhere and doctors could not find their cause. They seem to coincide with the discovery of a vanished twin and we are made to believe that there is a connection. At present we are gathering more evidence about this before drawing a final conclusion.

Tightness in the chest, breathing difficulties and heart pain ...

... often occur without an apparent physiological cause. These symptoms are sometimes linked to a deep separation wound that reopens again and again when a separation occurs in the life of an adult. Some clients speak of a wound inside the chest that burns like fire. This wound often heals after the rediscovery of a vanished twin.

Panic attacks, violent shivering, tachycardia and fear of death

Fear symptoms can be attributed to the early death of a twin. The survivor is a close-up witness of his sibling’s death and totally helpless. The survivors of an abortion experience these symptoms particularly vehemently as they are triggered by an intense shock. Some clients talk to us about frenzied fears of death appearing out of nowhere without any cause at all.

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