Difficulties having children

Many clients who rediscover a vanished twin in therapy have no children.

The number of childless people is way above average among half twins. We have observed that female half twins do not become pregnant despite their desire to have children or that they tend to have frequent miscarriages. Numerous women who have lost a twin do not dare to raise a child.

They blame themselves for the death of their sibling or suffer from the exaggerated fear that their baby might die.

Many half twins are extremely afraid of losing a child or a partner. Some men and women choose to be sterilised for that reason. Other women are denied the happiness of having children from the outset because of malformations in their ovaries, as we have seen in the cases of Doris and Jacqueline.

In her book 'Primary Connection', Elizabeth Noble speaks of a client who had frequent miscarriages despite expensive and intensive medical examinations and treatments.

Only two months after the rediscovery of her lost twin during a visualisation she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy child. Several years later she had more children without significant complications.

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