A recurrent theme in the life of a half twin is loneliness.  He tends to feel alone and misunderstood even when he is in the company of people, friends, family or siblings.

To him his parents often appear not to be his real ones. According to him they should have been different. His siblings don’t feel right either. And there is something wrong with his friends and with his partner, too.

Poor parents, siblings, friends, and partners! They are perfectly okay, but in the eyes of the surviving twin there seems to be something wrong with them. The half twin is looking for something else. He is searching for this lost twin in the people close to him He feels misunderstood, but he does not even understand himself. Many psychotherapists do not understand the half twin either because they lack knowledge of his condition. No matter how nurturing his parents are towards him, they cannot fill the void left by the lost twin.


Some half twins have completely withdrawn into themselves. They are incapable of lasting relationships with friends. They believe that no one understands them and that they will never find what they are looking for. They have resigned. What remains is a deep longing for closeness, oneness, intimacy – in short, deep anguish.


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